Scenic View 417 Telfair Way

Look at the incredible scenic views from the front porch of 417 Telfair Way!

417 Telfair Way Scenic Views

Scenic view from 417 Telfair Way front porch over the sprawling Governors Preserve subdivision in Canton, GA.

Scenic view in Governors Preserve Canton GA.

417 Telfair Way scenic view from front porch.

Scenic view over homes and trees in Governors Preserve at 417 Telfair Way.

417 Telfair Way New Home For Sale in Governors Preserve

Call or text our REMAX Town & Country agents for more information about the new house for sale at 417 Telfair Way in Governors Preserve Canton.

Sandra Watkins REMAX Town & Country Canton GA

Sandra Watkins

Sandra Watkins
Call or Text 770-324-3680

John Marion REMAX Town & Country Canton GA

John Marion

John Marion
Call or Text 703-371-9548

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